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Step gracefully into a man’s world of buying and selling stocks on online with this free “HOW TO” web site just for us girls.  It’s free…REALLY. These are challenging, exciting times…when up is down and down is up.  A time when YOU and I can use our brains to make major money on the stock market while helping our Earth become a cleaner, greener place for all of us.
We CAN make a difference, and make money too.  What could be better?
Opportunity. "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." -Albert Einstein

And yes, I do have a financial motive in letting you see how you can enjoy profits from the stock market ... if you find this site informative and useful, check out a couple of the free ads on the right: Google says ‘Thank You’ with $$ to my account… it’s a win-win website!

Personal investing made Easy with GirlStocks.com

5 Easy Tips outlines how YOU can start buying and selling winning green stocks onlinestocks priced from $1 to $3 that won’t break the budget. Clean affordable energy, is becoming a U.S. priority, plus green policies and guidelines have become important globally, so it can be fun researching green companies. From cars to household cleaners, sports gear, pet food, to buildings and furnishings…more products are being made with our planet’s sustainability in mind. It is now possible to make money while helping the environment… again, what could be better ?

Save The Planet

Picking stocks with less risk and more profit:

Take advantage of today’s market where investors like you and I have as much chance at making money on the market in small-cap companies (usually worth $250 million or less), as the Big Money Guys. Once those big investors pounce on your little stock, watch it take off!

Choose your stock
It's Fun, It's Easy, 5EasySteps
Pot of gold.

My name is BiBi,
I am an ordinary woman motivated and determined to make money on my own, taking charge of my finances and using my time exactly as I please.  I want you to have the courage to do the same.
I am having fun with this and so can you.

This is also a good time to mention my Adventure and Romance novel HONEY ENGLISH, which takes place in the Bahamas, France, Califonia and locations around the world tha were unwittingly Green’ before being Green was mainstream.

Learn as you Invest

I am making money as I write to you. My small portfolio is busy working for me…up 8% one week, down 2%, then up again the next. The plan was to hold favorites like FORD (F) for 2 to 3 years. While Ford was not previously known for being green, it is now forging ahead with great new Hybrid products, and Ford Explorer picked up Best Truck of the Year award January 11, 2011.
The trick is not to get emotional and deviate from your Buy/Sell Plan…the way I did. In May 09 Ford was up to $5.70 from my buy price of $2.40 … over 100% gain in six months (A good gain is 20% - 25%).

“Hold On To It!”  I said to myself.  Then I buckled.  I listened to an ‘expert’ who urged me to “Sell! Sell! Take your profits!!” Luckily I only sold a portion of my shares, as Ford continued to soar to over $16 in December 2010…leaving me kicking myself over several thousand $ in profits that I… ‘would have made’. Ford is currently holding steady at around $11.
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now…the bonus?  It’s fun to know we can join (beat?) men
at what they consider their special game, INVESTING!
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